Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's for Breakfast?

I love breakfast! On days that could seem lackluster I just think about breakfast and it perks me up and gets me out of bed.

I used to be a pretty religious cold cereal with soy milk kind of person. But, as I started to become more conscious and wary of processed foods, I looked at the labels of my cereals and was less than happy with how many ingredients were listed therein

In an effort to eat more whole foods without added ingredients I turned to oats- a super whole food loaded with healthy carbs, fiber, and protein. I eat Coach's Oats because they are guaranteed 100% whole grain, while most flat pressed oats and rolled oats can lose some goodness through processing. This whole bag was $5.99 at Costco and has lasted me for months, eating it every day.

To change it up a bit, sometimes I add this 7 Grain Hot cereal by Bob's Red Mill. Overall, Bob's Red Mill makes really great products, and their cereal has 7 whole grains and no other additives. This cereal mix gives my oats a nutty flavor that I really enjoy.

Today my oatmeal consisted of:

- 1/4 c mix of oats and 7 grain cereal
- 1 small banana sliced and cooked with the oats (it disappeared into the mash, but the flavor stayed present)
- handful of fresh blueberries
- large dash of cinnamon
- drizzle of agave nectar
- 3 crushed walnuts

1 comment:

  1. I'm a big fan of Bob's Red Mill products as well - especially the 7 grain cereal.

    Great tip on the Coach's Oats, what an awesome deal!