Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5.5 and Feelin' Alive!

Did my mileage in 45!

I was telling the BF yesterday that lately I have had an insatiable appetite for fruit. This desire is not a discerning one, but is applicable to all of the wonderful fruits under the rainbow. Exhibit A: I bought a rather large box of strawberries from Costco on Saturday, and they were gone yesterday. Exhibit B: I was at home, getting ready for my run, when the BF walks in the door and says, "I come bearing gifts." He is holding a large box, which I quickly peer into and am so elated and overjoyed that these are the contents:

That amounts to 4 containers of strawberries, 4 containers of cantaloupe, 1 each of honey dew melon and watermelon, 2 nectarines, and a dragon fruit. Holy cow, it is like Christmas! Those containers of purple looking rounds are Okinawan sweet potatoes, yes, purple sweet potatoes and they are deeelicous! Sometimes I reap the benefits of his internship at a fruit tree nursery, and when I do it is like a religious experience for me. In this instance these fruits were cut and packaged to sell at an open market, but were not sold and were going to be thrown out. For shame, we will take them!

I quickly ripped open a package of cantaloupe and devoured it, which made my running attire all the more appropriate.

I did 5.5 fast ones today. My training plan called for a fartlek, which means "speed play" in Swedish. Because I do not want to run endless laps around a track to work on my speed, I incorporate it into the runs on my normal routes. While running I choose a point to pick up my pace to just under a sprint and then choose a point to run to further down the road, usually a tree or fire hydrant, then I run like the wind. After I pass the stopping point I slow down to a more normal jogging pace.These quick bursts of speed took my overall average pace to 8:07/mile, which is pretty speedy for me if I do say so myself!

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