Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hoofin' it to the Farmer's Market

Happy Saturday!

There are always two things that I want to accomplish on Saturday morning- running and the farmer's market. Since it's better to do both as early as possible I joined the two together and ran to the farmer's market.

I ran 4 miles to Kapiolani Community College, where the market is held, and Tim drove to meet me there with coffee and bags in tow. We did so well today, and got really amazing produce.

Apple bananas, bell peppers, Okinawan sweet potatoes, Molokai red sweet potatoes, roma tomatoes, radishes, gold beets, long beans, zucchini, Manoa lettuce, red leaf lettuce, baby kale, and spinach! Guess how much all of this wonderful fresh food bought straight from the farmers that grew it was....$25! Gotta love Saturday mornings.

Now we're off to the beach, have a wonderful day!

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  1. We are fortunate to have such an excellent selection of locally grown produce. I'm glad to see Hawaii becoming more and more self sustainable. I see farmers markets popping up on nearly ever corner in town now days. We have the climate, the soil, and the space, why not grow our own food instead of shipping it from overseas? People need to go back to eating more seasonal local foods instead of expecting produce shelves to be filled with fruits and vegetables from around the world. Support local economy, eat healthy foods, and do our part to cut down on unnecessary use of diesel fuels. Its a win win situation the way I see it.